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Sonepat town is located at 77001 Longitude and 28057 Latitude and it is at a distance of 52 Kilometers by road and 44 kilometers by rail from Delhi. National Highway No.1 is five kilometer away in the east from the main town. The nearest airport to the town is Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. The town has also well connectivity with the interior of the Haryana State as well as the neighboring State of Uttar Pradesh. The area of town is 181.3 Sq. kms and is the largest town of the district. The Municipal Committee Sonepat was establishment in the year 1933 and the population of the town was 15050. The area of Municipal Committee at that time was very small. As per census record of 1991 the population of the town has grown very fast from 1,43,922 in the year 1991 to 2,89,333 in the year 2011, which shows an increase of approximately 100% in 20 years i.e. the average annual increase for the past 20 years is... More ❭❭

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