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No-Dues Certificate

A citizen may need to produce a no dues certificate of his/her property, for various reasons. Upon providing all the required details to Municipal Corporation, Sonepat, it is the responsibility of Municipal Corporation, Sonepat to provide No-Dues certificate to the applicant within 30 days only if the applicant fulfills all the criteria. Applications may be submitted through online portal as well as Customer Facilitation Center. Following documents are required for No Dues Certificate.

  1. Ownership Proof of Property
  2. Affidavit of Buyer(Attested by Notary)
  3. Affidavit of Seller(s)(Attested by Notary)
  4. Copy of Registry & chain of Registries (if applicable)
  5. Location Map of Approved Layout Plan
  6. House Tax Notice/Bill/Receipt
  7. Titama of Land
  8. Proof of Development Charges (Receipt) paid to Municipal Corporation
  9. Proof of Approved Building Plan letter (if constructed site)
  10. Court decission/decree (if any)
  11. Previous NOC (if any)

Note : Please confirm that there shouldn't be any outstanding property tax against the property for which NO Dues certificate is being sought.