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RTI Application

RTI stands for Right To Information and has been given the status of a fundamental right under Article 19(1) of the Constitution. Article 19 (1) under which every citizen has freedom of speech and expression and have the right to know how the government works, what role does it play, what are its functions and so on.

It lays emphasis on making the lives of its citizens easy, smooth and making functioning of Municipal Corporation truly democratic. The Act confers right to the citizens to know as to how the taxpayers money is being spent by the Government.

Right to Information Act empowers every citizen to seek any information, take notes, extracts or certified copies of documents or records, take certified samples of material. RTI Act confers right to access to information held by a Public Authority. In case,you have been denied the access to information you may file Appeal / Complaint before the SIC Haryana (State Information Commission of Haryana) using the SIC Haryana Online.