Gaushala Registration Form

Property ID
Name   Address Of Diary Farm /Gaushala  
Total Plot Size (in Square Yards)  

Contact Person Detail
Name   Contact No  
Status OF Registration With Local Bodies /Corporations
Total No Of AMinal in dairy Farm /Gausala
Adult Cow   Adult Female Buffaloes  
Calves   Any other  
Category Of Diary Farm /Gaushala  
Whether Waste Water Is Treated Or not?
Is The dung collected from the floorof the shed at regular interval ,so as to keep Floor Clean ?
Are the surrounding areas cleaned regularly to prevent obnoxious smell ?
Are the Dairy premises and its surrounding area properly senitized and disinfected regularly?
The Space Provided for animals by Dairy Farm /gaushala Covered Floor area
Open Floor Area   Covered Floor Area  
Feeding Manager Length   Water trough Length  
No of trees/Planted in the Premises